Parish Council

Your St. Bernard Parish Council is committed to the continued growth of our parish. The council consists of elected members serving a three-year term. Elections are held every year. The St. Bernard Parish Council meets as scheduled, four times each year.  


If you wish to address the council, please contact any of the members listed below. Your item will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting at which time you can address the council yourself or submit your ideas or concerns in writing to one of the council members. If you are not on the agenda, you will not be permitted to speak at the meeting. This policy is in place to preserve order and ensure that items on the agenda receive proper attention.



On rare occasions, a closed Executive Session could be held at the end of a regular meeting to discuss sensitive issues. During executive sessions, only council members are permitted to attend. If you have questions, comments, or concerns that you would like to bring up to the Parish Council, please contact one of the members listed below or send an e-mail to the general mailbox. Your ideas and comments are appreciated!

Ken Yoder - Chairperson

Dave Rothan

Sean Trimpe

Kathy Markus


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